Monday, August 11, 2014

Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal Reviews

Waste King L-3300 Legend Series  3/4 HP ReviewsThe Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal is the best popular garbage disposals. It is quiet, efficient and offer excellent value for your money.
With 0.75 H.P Waste King L-3300 is quiet but can make a clicking sound when it started. Like all the waste King legend series garbage disposals, L-3300 has a car-crushing erosion proof glass filled polyester and rotating impellers in stainless steel. This means that rust would not be a problem.
Waste King L-3300 comes with a 10 year warranty of service and a lifetime warranty corrosion. Note that a 36-inch power cord included with the disposal of garbage. It uses the system of waste King EZ-Mount. If you like 3-bolt mount sinks, have a look at who 9940 waste King L or L-9950. Waste King L-3300 is safe to use with the proper sized tanks.

Specifications of the Waste King legend 3300

  • 2700 RPM Vortex Permanent Magnet Motor
  • 36-inch power cord is included
  • Removable splash guard
  • Rust-free grinding components
  • Longest warranties in the industry

What customers say about the handling of the Waste King L-3300

With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5, most customers are very satisfied with the Waste King L-3300 Series. Easy to Install Waste King L-3300 3/4 HP. Most customers thought it was very quiet but a few people who think it is not as quiet as the top model. The same can be said about the performance, almost everyone is happy but some people noticed that the more powerful, and more expensive, models more quickly than L-3300. Needless to say, almost everyone agrees that L-3300 for you excellent value for money. Some don't like the click that can sometimes be heard when L-3300 started but most people do not be disturbed by it. In addition to the sounds of clicking, there have been no complaints from some of our customers.

Most customers already have something to say is similar to the following two quotes:

"I just had my Waste King installed and it works great. Installed it for me said it was easy to install. I love the strainer that also mutes the operation of the disposer."
"Much easier to install than I expected. I previously had a three-bolt disposer, but since this comes with the entire sink flange bit, I didn't need any adapters or anything. Very nice."
"This is the second garbage disposal I have had to replace (in two houses) in the last ten years. The originally-installed disposals, as well as the first replacement model I purchased, were noisemakers, to be run only when you don't need to hear the TV sound in the next room. They also were not".

Customer reviews have been paraphrased to save space

Waste King L-3300 is a disposer good junk. You get great value for your money. Legend 3300 is quiet but strong and active for many years without any problems. It's highly recommended, unless you want really powerful garbage disposer. In that case, waste King L-8000 is worth a closer look. Here you can find out more about the waste King L-8000. You can buy Waste King L-3300 at, Amazon's advantage of low prices and excellent customer service.


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